The Estonian national championship is still planned in February

The 57th Estonian Badminton Championships will take place on the first weekend of February, as previously planned. The Estonian championship will take place in Tartu, “A. Le Coq” arena.

The Estonian championship will be sponsored by “Lenne”, who will present a prize fund of €5000 to the medal winners, 1st place – €500, 2nd place –  €300, 3rd place – €200.

The deadline for registration for The Estonian championship is January 15.  Only Estonian citizens can participate, as well as citizens of other countries with a permanent residence permit and membership in one of the Estonian badminton clubs.

Entry fees for one discipline there are €35, two disciplines €60, three disciplines €80. For juniors (born in 2002 and later) fees are lower – €30, €55 and €70. Badminton shuttlecocks (Yonex AS50) are included in the entry fee.

The Estonian Badminton Association monitors the situation related to Covid-19 and announces if it will lead to changes concerning the championship.

Yonex Estonian International 2021 was canceled

Due to the coronavirus situation in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, the board of the Estonian Badminton Association decided to cancel the Yonex Estonian International 2021

The first tournament of the European badminton calendar year has traditionally been played in Estonia. This season, however, a large part of the international calendar competitions both in Europe and elsewhere have been canceled.

The main reason for the cancellation of Estonian International was the expected very low number of participants due to the virus situation, which in turn would lead to too much financial risk for the Estonian Badminton Association, which would have significantly affected other activities of the association in badminton development.

Also, the current situation of Estonia’s own coronavirus is such that the possibility of organising a competition of the planned size would have been in question. One of the goals of conducting the tournament in Estonia has been to offer a badminton experience to the local audience. Even the wish would not have been achieved this year due to the virus, because the competition should have been held with empty stands.

Hopefully by the beginning of 2022, the situation will be different and Estonian International will be able to take place in its well-known goodness.

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