Badmitnon Finland has announced new staff

Badmitnon Finland has announced news regarding staff changes. There is a new manager of the Finnish Badminton League, a new project manager for school badminton and Girlminton projects, and the contract with the head coach has been extended until the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Badminton league’s organizational manager

Ann-Marie Lairolahti has started as the badminton league’s organizational manager. “My interest in sports and exercise started as a child. I have diligently practiced several sports, of which martial arts took away. I have represented the Finnish national karate team in the years 2007-2015, the best achievement of these years was the U21 European Championship bronze. I have experience from children’s exercise to fitness up to elite sports,” says Ann-Marie.

Ann-Marie has always worked in sports. He is a physical education instructor and market economist by training. Ann-Marie has worked in different sports clubs in different roles, as a gym instructor in the City’s sports department and as the organizational secretary of the Karate Association and most recently as the Communication Coordinator of the Gymnastics Association.

“Working in a sports organization is what I have always wanted to do. I want to be involved in working for high-quality and goal-oriented club activities. I believe that my work here gives me the opportunity to do that, he concludes ,” says Ann-Marie.

Manager for school badminton and Girlminton projects

Monna Pursiainen, who started as a project manager, has been working in sports for twenty years. In the sports field, he has experience in both children’s sports and senior sports and everything in between. Monna has been a private entrepreneur for 10 years and has a company focused on wellness and exercise together with her husband. Monna moves people weekly either within the framework of individual coaching or group coaching. Monna also has solid work experience and knowledge of social media. He has been the owner of a media house, through which he has extensively done e.g. marketing, sales and event production. He has also worked as a social influencer himself for years and is one of the most well-known welfare influencers in Finland. In the Badminton Association, Monna’s areas of responsibility are the school badminton and Girlminton projects, which aim to increase the number of children and young people, and especially girls and women, in the clubs.

Extended contract with head coach

In addition, happy news for fans of top sports: the employment contract of Ville Lång, head coach of the Badminton Training Center, has been extended until the Paris 2024 Olympics.


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