Latvian tournaments will provide special conditions for Ukrainian players

In cooperation with the Badminton Federation of Ukraine, Yonex Latvia tournaments have specified the conditions for the participation of Ukrainian players. They will have the opportunity to participate in all Yonex Latvian tournaments free of charge in the same status as Latvian volunteers, who help to set up the tournament venue and participate as volunteers or line judges during the tournament.

These conditions apply to all three Latvian international Yonex Latvia tournaments in 2022, including Yonex Latvia U17 (Liepāja, August 11-13), Yonex Latvia International (Jelgava, September 1-4) and Yonex Latvia Junior (Sigulda, November 11-13).

Players who participate as volunteers will be provided by the tournament organizers with accommodation and meals. 

Accommodation service depends on the capabilities of the particular municipality. It can be a dormitory, a school classroom, or an overnight stay at the home of Latvian players.

Catering will be organized in cooperation with the tournament sponsors, including eggs, snacks, coffee, drinks, cookies, bread, etc.

Players who do not wish to volunteer can enter the tournament with a 50% discount and pay the full amount for their accommodation and meals.

Kristians Rozenvalds, Director of Yonex Latvia International, believes that helping Ukrainian players and the Ukrainian Badminton Federation is the least Yonex Latvia’s tournaments can do for Ukraine to reduce the injustice and inequality that has now taken place in Ukraine following Russian aggression, knowing that the Ukrainian Badminton Federation is out of money and players cannot train in Ukraine. At the same time, such rules are also fair to Latvian players who, as volunteers, help organize these tournaments.

Oleksii Dniprov, President of the Ukrainian Badminton Federation, comments on the Latvian initiative: “It would be not enough to say that Ukrainian badminton Federation is thankful for all the effort of our friends from Latvian federation are putting to support Ukrainian players. They’re doing the most important thing for the professional athletes – giving them opportunity to play badminton. Since 24 February we were focused mostly on a humanitarian help for our players. Of course it is very important to cover basic needs – find a place where our players can sleep, make sure they have food. But we know that badminton is a big part of their everyday life, so I’m sure they appreciate the opportunity to play in a big professional tournaments.”

“Badminton community is doing a lot for Ukraine, but we would appreciate if other countries would take an example of Latvian Federation and support our players. We call all the world to stay united and show that the badminton family will always support every member of it. And after the war we will welcome all our friends to Ukraine with all our hospitality!” says Oleksii Dniprov, President of the Ukrainian Badminton Federation.


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