The Lithuanian Sports University starts teaching badminton coaches again

The training of badminton specialists is returning to the Lithuanian Sports University after a break of several decades – from new academic year school year, students who want to become coaches will be able to choose badminton specialization as well.

The rector of the Lithuanian Sports University, Diāna Rėklaitiene, and the president of the Lithuanian Badminton Federation, Aurimas Kamantauskas, have signed a cooperation agreement, which foresees the return of badminton coach training within the curriculum of the sports alma mater.

The university and the federation agreed to actively cooperate both in the preparation of future badminton specialists and raising the qualifications of existing specialists, as well as in the implementation of scientific research and joint sports and healthy lifestyle projects.

According to LSU rector D. Reklaitiene, the university specialized in badminton several decades ago. But the need decreases, so the training of badminton coaches stopped.

“It largely depends on the popularity of the sport itself. If there is a need, there are those who want to study, additional specializations also appear. The popularity of sports is constantly changing, some come, others go, this is a natural process. It is clear that the sport of badminton in Lithuania is experiencing a renaissance and is rapidly gaining popularity, which we are very happy about. The need for badminton specialization is motivated by the current Sports Law, according to which all coaches, regardless of whether they work in a private club or a sports school, must have an education in the field of sports”, noted LSU Rector D. Rėklaitienė.

The rector added that the Lithuanian Sports University is already ready to accept students for badminton specialization since this academic year, and there will be close cooperation with the Lithuanian Badminton Federation in the preparation of future badminton coaches: “We are moving towards making the specialization meet the requirements of the Latvian Sports Department, not only Lithuania, but also the International Badminton Federation,” she said.

Aurimas Kamantauskas, the president of the Lithuanian Badminton Federation, believes that this cooperation with the Lithuanian Sports Universe will have a great impact on raising the qualifications of badminton coaches and will help to achieve the strategic goal of the federation – to train a new generation of Olympians.

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