How to score badminton – 3×21 or 5×11?

Different proposals from the Membership will be discussed during 82nd BWF Annual General Meeting of Badminton World Federation, most notably a proposal from Badminton Indonesia and Badminton Maldives, seconded by Badminton Asia, to amend the Laws of Badminton relating to the Scoring System. The BWF Council has taken forward this proposal and it will be voted virutally on by the Membership on 22 May 2021.

BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer said he welcomed the proposal from the Membership. “The proposed scoring system change is part of my vision to make badminton more exciting and to increase the entertainment value for stakeholders and fans.

“The last time this topic was tabled it did resonate with a significant section of our Membership with a narrow verdict met. We concede the timing was not right back then but I’m pleased to see this being driven by the Membership once more.

“This is only proposed to be introduced after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. So, I’m confident this is a more favourable time to affect this change.”

BWF encourages all stakeholder groups within the badminton community – Member Associations, Players, Coaches and Team Management – to review the 2018 material and consult internally within their Federations.

Proposed Scoring System Change – What You Need to Know
* Proposal submitted by Badminton Indonesia and Badminton Maldives
* Based on 5 games to 11
* Related changes regarding Change of Ends and Continuous Play also motioned.
* Not to be introduced until after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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