New CEO of the Badminton Estonia

Mario Saunpere started as the CEO of the Estonian Badminton Association. Mario Saunpere has been involved in badminton for many years and has been a player in the Estonian youth team.

Prior to taking up the position of CEO of the Estonian Badminton Association, Mario Saunpere worked in banking. He received his higher education in the field of sports management in England, where he also had an internship at a football club there, dealing with financial issues at the club, assisting the CEO and helping to organize games.

In the Estonian Badminton Association, Mario’s main wish is to create a friendly culture between clubs, which would allow players to go to other clubs for training, get better trainings and sparring partners. Mario also considers it important to expand the scope of badminton, to attract new supporters and to create an environment where athletes can reach their full potential.

Kai-Riin Saluste, who started as the CEO of the Estonian Badminton Association in October, decided to resign at his own request. The Estonian Badminton Association thanks Kai-Riin for his work.


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