Badminton Europe will release the BEC Golden Shuttle

Badminton Europe will soon release the first series of the BEC Golden Shuttle, where Europe’s top players are put to the test to see how much they actually know about badminton. The first episode will be aired on 6 January 2021.

The BEC Golden Shuttle travels across Europe and challenges players to step off-court and compete against each other, not with their rackets, but with their badminton knowledge. The winner will get the coveted BEC Golden Shuttle and of course bragging rights during training!

In January, the first series of three episodes will be released for fans to enjoy and play along with their favourite stars. The first series will feature the following:

Episode One – Nhat Nguyen vs Paul Reynolds (IRE)
Episode Two – Marcus Ellis vs Lauren Smith (ENG)
Episode Three – Robin Tabeling vs Selena Piek (NED)

Each episode has three rounds. The first is on their country’s badminton history (or sometimes on each other’s career), the second round is on World Badminton, and the final round gives each player three lives and asks them to take it in turns to list answers to one question. They lose a life per incorrect answer. The player with the most correct answers at the end wins the BEC Golden Shuttle.

The next series of three episodes sees us move into central Europe, visiting France, Germany and dropping by our Centre of Excellence in Denmark. 


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