Radomir Jovovic will continue to lead Serbian badminton

The current President of the Board of Badminton Serbia, Radomir Jovovic, will lead Serbian badminton in the next four years. The Election Session of the Assembly of the Badminton Federation of Serbia was held at the National Badminton Center on Ada Ciganlija on Thursday, December 10, 2020.

The Assembly session was attended by representatives of badminton clubs Beograd, Novi Sad, Zmajevi (Kruševac), Dinamo (Pančevo), Helianthus (Novi Sad) and Petrovac Sports Club (Petrovac na Mlavi), then representatives of two territorial federations of Belgrad and Vojvodina, as well as a delegated representative of honorary members.

Predrag Vuković, Tamara Koštro and Radomir Kosojević became new and old members of the Management Board, while Andreja Andrić will continue to perform the function of BASS Secretary General for the next four years. 

The current BASS Supervisory Board, consisting of Zoran Stepanović, Novo Bojičić and Aleksandar Marković, was unanimously elected to continue its work in the period from 2020 to 2024.

At Badminton Europe’s Virtual Annual Delegates’ Meeting  Radomir Jovovic was elected for a four-year term (2020-2024). “I am happy and proud. I see the new, very important position in the management of European badminton as a huge recognition. After 25 years of continuously working on the development of Serbian badminton and eight years of active participation in the commissions of the Badminton Europe Confederation, during the last BEC ADM, European colleagues have honoured me by appointing me to the position in the Board of Directors of Badminton Europe and for that, I would like to thank them cordially,” he said in interview with Alan Raftery,

Radomir Jovovic has a rich badminton playing background, having picked up badminton in 1995 he became the youngest member of the Badminton Club Belgrade and perhaps the Federation, which was founded in 1993, after the Olympic Games in Barcelona. 

At the age of 16, he partnered Zoran Stepanović, ten years his senior in the men’s doubles, leading to a national championships title. From 1996 to 2007, he won 14 national titles in total and travelled throughout Europe and the world for almost a decade in order to compete and educate. From before the age of 18 he started coaching and was running the first organised badminton school for children in Belgrade, Serbia, and at the same time, took on an increasingly active role in the organisation. 

Radomir Jovovic has held the role of player, coach, Secretary General of the Badminton Association of Belgrade, then President of the Executive Board of the Badminton Association of Serbia, Vice President of the Balkan Badminton Association and, starting in 2013, a member of several different commissions of the Badminton Europe Confederation. 

Bringing a lot of experience to the position, Radomir Jovovic also has formal education in the field of sports management and training technology, extensive practical national and international experience through the work and management of sports institutions, organisation of major sporting events, marketing in sports, public relations, international relations and other related fields.

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