Simultaneously 4 badminton tournaments for European teams

The qualification tournaments of European Mixed Team Championship will be held simultaneously in four European countries from December 9 to 12. Initially planned for six groups held in different locations around Europe, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only four groups will be played. Group 1 in England, Group 2 in Belgium, Group 3 in Austria and Group 6 in Portugal.

The winners from each qualification group will join the reigning Champions Denmark and hosts Finland at the final stage. The eight best teams in Europe will be competing to become European Champions from 16 to 20 February 2021 in Vantaa, Finland.

“The hosts of the 2021 European Mixed Team Qualification Groups have been working very hard to ensure that the different events could take place in their countries. All have received confirmation and even an exceptional status from their government to host the event based on a well-prepared COVID-19 protocol,” explains Tamara Geeraerts, Events Manager of Badminton Europe.

“Although the COVID-19 protocols are slightly different for each country, they share some common ground. For example, no spectators are allowed in any of the events, all players and officials need to present a negative COVID-19 test done within 72 hours before arrival, and everyone must stay in the official tournament hotel,”  continues Tamara Geeraerts.

The European Mixed Team Championships, which started in 1972, is played in February in uneven years. The event officially crowns the best national team in Europe.

Even though no spectators are allowed in any of the events, they still have a lot to look forward to. Each host will provide a livestream of all ties played and Badminton Europe is present at each location to give the fans some additional background stories and interviews.

An event where we will see European nations form teams consisting of their best players in each of the five categories. Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Finland has recently demonstrated that they were able to safely organise the 11-day European Junior Championships, which includes a team and individual event.


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