The Danes improve player performance with data analysis

Ahead of the Olympics, the Danish national coaching staff is stepping up its efforts with video and data analysis of specific opponents. Let’s take a look at Lasse Kjær Hansen’s article on, created by Goolge Translator.

“When we work close to the maximum of our possible performance physically, mentally and tactically, we must be able to keep finding solutions,” says the Danish head national coach, Kenneth Jonassen 

And why now? “Because in some cases we are close to being where the human body is a limiting factor. When you are already at or near the physical limit, you can not just train much harder and run down any opponent. That is why “code-breaking” is one of the measures we are trying to use,” says the Danish head national coach, Kenneth Jonassen.

Danish national coach Jakob Høi, Team Denmark performance analyst Christian Kejser and former performance analyst at Badminton Denmark Jeppe Ludvigsen have compiled a “database” with statistics of Danish and foreign top players. In the context of badminton, the condensed can be characterized as extended video analysis.

It is about breaking down the game, describing sub-elements such as the decisive battles, what leads up to a decision in a duel and what type of duel it is. From those descriptions – and those statistics – you can later create a kind of meaning that can carry important nuances and perspectives, Jonassen explains.

“As a coach, I have a knowledge and a belief in how one of our men’s singles should play or execute his game plan against a specific opponent in order to beat him. This is knowledge we need both in combat situations and subsequently to become significantly better at home on the training ground. That is why it is also something we have chosen to continue investing in,” says Kenneth Jonassen.

“What we are currently working towards is having a competitive advantage for the Olympics against specific top 10 opponents. At present, it is in the men’s singles category that we are on paper the most competitive, and therefore we in the sports management team have decided that it is in the category that the priority is highest,” says Kenneth Jonassen.


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