Virtual Badminton Europe Circuit Organisers Workshop

On December 3 Badminton Europe conducted a virtual Circuit Organisers Workshop, which focused on how to organize an international badminton tournament during the Covid-19 pandemic. The workshop focused on how to organize international badminton tournaments during the Covid-19 pandemic, and is mainly directed to all Elite Circuit organisers. 

The workshop was recorded and now anyone can watch it.

 Program of the Circuit Organisers Workshop

Covid-19 testing – Contingency Plan
Laura Kittelä (FIN), Event Coordinator at Pajulahti Olympic Training Center
Should you ask for a negative Covid-19 test before arrival? How can you organise Covid-19 testing on site? What do you do in case you have a positive Covid-19 case? 

Communication around Covid-19 
Kristians Rozenvalds (L AT), General Secretary at Latvian Badminton Federation and Tournament director of the Yonex Latvia International
Good communication is the key to attract players, volunteers, officials, media, etc. What information do they need and how can you get it to them?  

Financial resources during Covid-19 
Sven Serré (BEL), Chair of the BEC Circuit Commission and President of the Royal Belgian Badminton Federation
How can you still get government funding and sponsors in these difficult times? How can you negotiate cancellations policies and extended deadlines? Where can you generate income if you are not allowed to have spectators?

Creating a bubble
Nicolaj Knudsen (DEN), Event assistant at Badminton Denmark (Danisa Denmark Open 2020)
How do you create a Covid-19 protocol for your event? How can you create a safe bubble within your tournament venue, hotel, transport, etc.? Who is allowed in the bubble?

Athletes’ point of view 
Martina Repiska (SVK), Member of the BEC Athletes’ Commission
Are athletes willing to travel to tournaments in these difficult times? What measures would they like to have in place (and are they willing to pay for)? How have they experienced the tournaments that took place in recent months)?

Technical officials 
Matthieu Hecker(BEC), Events Officer at Badminton Europe Confederation
What changes need to be made to the TO protocols during Covid-19? How to manage TOs at your event? 

Info and support from BEC / BWF
Jimmy Andersen (BEC), Deputy General Secretary at Badminton Europe Confederation
What will change in the BWF regulations for 2021? What support will BEC give to their tournament organisers? 

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