Finland approves Badminton strategy 2021-2024

The Finnish Badminton Association approved the Badminton strategy for 2021-2024. The main goals for the future are increasing the membership of clubs and international success.

Almost 80% of the respondents of preliminary survey of the Finnish Badminton Association mentioned increasing the number of players as a key objective. The Finnish Badminton Association set goal – 25,000 licensed players.

The main goal of the Olympic Committee’s strategy for top sports is Successful Coaching. The goal of the Finnish Badminton Association must accordingly provide the conditions to prepare for and to develop into an international top player and “Reach its own maximum”. Goal the Finnish Badminton Association is to get Finnish players to the Olympics of Paris and play repeatedly for medals in Europe value competitions.

For the first time, it was possible to participate remotely Annual Meeting of The Finnish Badminton Association. 22 clubs were presented. The annual autumn meeting was held on November 27.

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