Carolina Marín enjoys being an ambassador of Toyota

Carolina Marín is a badminton player and a Toyota ambassador. Now, almost two years after her serious injury, at “Jaleos” of “El Espanol” she “chatted” about the sport, her next goals and how she is in her role as a driver.

We interviewed you as a Toyota ambassador in Spain… Why did you decide to partner with a car manufacturer?
I started the relationship with Toyota Huelva. And this relationship gradually strengthened until reaching the current situation. I can proudly say that I belong to the Toyota Spain Olympic team.

What does this agreement consist of? How does this brand support you as an athlete?
Toyota is a great brand with which I feel totally identified. I like to drive my RAV4, it gives me a lot of reliability and safety. This is what I ask of my team, that I can trust them, and Toyota shows me every day.

Does this brand also support the sport of badminton?
Right. Toyota supports the Spanish badminton quarry through the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA). His involvement is appreciated so that Spanish badminton continues to give us joy for many years and let us see new taste appear.

What does it mean for you and for the sport of badminton in particular when a brand shows its support for you? Does sport like badminton need these kinds of agreements?
Supports like Toyota’s are essential. The minority sports unfortunately do not enjoy much showcase, and that such powerful brands look at our sport is priceless. This may make other brands decide to also bet on minority sport.

Could sports and athletes survive if it weren’t for these sponsorships?
It’s very complicated. Minority sports sponsorships compete at a clear disadvantage with sports such as soccer, tennis, etc. and undoubtedly the sponsorship of Toyota gives us a lot of luster. It is one of the great brands in the automotive sector, with a great reputation behind it that has been earned over the years. We can only be grateful for your support.

Within the agreement with Toyota. One of the sections is to drive a car of the brand. We know you have the RAV4. So tell us, did you pick the model? Why car?
Yes, I chose the model. It is a car that I love; it is silent, powerful, elegant, spacious. It has all the features you were looking for.

Do you have more cars or motorcycles in the garage?
No, I currently only own the Toyota RAV4 Electric Hybrid.

Some athletes tell us that they cannot spend many hours in the car because they start to suffer cramps. Does it happen to you too?
I like to drive and it doesn’t tire me. I use the car mainly to go from my house to the Blume Residence to train, which is a more or less short journey.

For a high-level sportswoman a tall car like the RAV4, with more legroom, is better for you?
I like spacious cars that I can feel comfortable with. And the Toyota RAV4 is a very spacious and very comfortable car, so I am delighted with this model.

The car you drive is a hybrid. Did you know about this technology before? Can you drive a long time in electric mode? Do you look at what the car consumes or do you not worry excessively about it?
I try to drive with caution and always very aware of the surroundings. In the city I reduce my speed a lot so I circulate in electric mode.
It is an issue that worries me more and more and I try to be quite aware of what my car consumes, which in this case is very little.

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you think we can leave a better planet for the new generations?
It worries me a lot. It is an issue that we must all worry about, and about all governments worldwide. The future of the new generations will depend on the measures taken now.

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