Norwegian sports teams can apply for corona compensation

The Norwegian government has set aside one billion kroner (€95 million) for the third crisis package for sports teams, which applies from 12 March to 31 December 2020, and sports teams can now apply for compensation for lost income during this period.

As the Norwegian Sports Confederation has previously commented, we are very happy and grateful that the current compensation scheme continues throughout the year. It helps to create security and predictability for the sports teams who try their best to keep the wheels in motion in a demanding time.

Norwegian Sports Confederation president Berit Kjøll.

The  Lotteries and Foundations  Authority will continue to be responsible for the administration of the scheme, and the practice of ongoing payments will be continued. Compensation can be applied for for lost income in the period 1 September to 31 December 2020.

Sport and volunteering have shown great will and ability to maintain activity despite the restrictions, and I am glad that we can continue to support this.

Minister of Culture Abid Q. Raja during Monday’s press conference .

Stimulation scheme from 1 November

The scheme is implemented according to the same criteria as before. This means that you can apply for compensation for lost income from, for example, flea markets, rentals, ticket income from sports facilities and other offers. Match day income for top sports will also be compensated.

The exception applies to compensation for loss of income in the event of canceled events that will be compensated by up to 50 per cent, and not 70 per cent, from 1 November. For those who carry out activities, however, net loss of income will be compensated by 70 per cent even after 1 November.

The adjustment of the scheme from 1 November for canceled events is a clear signal from the authorities to stimulate the sport to maintain activity, instead of canceling. It is also desirable from the point of view of sport. We therefore encourage all our organizational members to apply – and hope with this that we can start as much activity as possible in the future

Norwegian Sports Confederation president Berit Kjøll.

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