National U15 and U17 team camps cancelled in Sweden

The Swedish Badminton Association canceled the planned national team camps for U15 and U17, as well as the national U13 camps that were to be held in January.

Unfortunately, Swedish Badminton Association need to announce that the previously planned national team camps in U15 and U17 (as well as national U13 camps) that would take place in January have been canceled. The reason is the prevailing infection situation in the country which is going in the wrong direction right now, and it is neither responsible nor possible to arrange safe camps at present.

Swedish Badminton Association hope that the situation will improve soon and if the situation allows, will call for camp later this spring on regular school holidays if possible. It all depends on what the infection situation in the country looks like. The same status applies to international competitions during the spring, currently the national teams in U15 and U17 have no planned activities during the spring until the infection situation is better.

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