National Coach Prize nomination for Danish head coach

Photo: Badminton Denmark

The Danish head national coach Kenneth Jonassen is among the three nominees for national Coach Prize awarded at Sport 2000 gala. Whether the men’s singles head coach will run with the award in January will be exciting to see. For the other two nominees are also strong names: Anders Lund, head national coach of the Danish Cycling Union, and Mette Barfod, national coach of the Danish Kayak and Canoe Association.

Kenneth Jonassen was sitting behind the chair when Viktor Axelsen won the All England. He sent two Danish men’s singles in the final at the Danisa Denmark Open 2020 presented by Victor. And for several years he has worked continuously to move Danish players from talent to world class in a strong and development-rich training environment.

For these reasons, 46-year-old Jonassen has been nominated for Team Denmark and Salling Group’s Coaching Award 2020.

First of all, I am happy and grateful. In part, I am proud to get through the eye of the needle for a nomination. There are many coach names, so that in itself is a huge gift to me, but also to all my colleagues and the experts I work with. Because you do nothing alone in this world.
The award is a tribute to the coaching job. To all those who sit behind and pull the strings, and make things happen. We can never do it without exceptional players or athletes, and here we have a great responsibility, so I am grateful that there are people who are aware that there are coaches in Denmark who try to make a difference,,

says Kenneth Jonassen.

We must give the talents and players the peace to understand that world class takes a long time. World class does not come by itself. World class must be constantly improved and renewed because there are always some out in the world who are looking at how we should fight. We must never rest on our laurels.
What I do and can do is give the great talents the opportunity to unfold their talents. It is to develop their dream into a reality through lots of defeats, doubts and so on. Here we must continue to look constructively at their development, and I must know when to press them, pick them up, and praise them,

says Kenneth Jonassen

It is Team Danmark and Salling Group who have joined forces to award a coaching prize to pay tribute to the people behind the Danish athletes and thus have a large share in the great performances that are delivered across sports. Team Denmark supported federations, world-class and elite athletes as well as Team Denmark employees have all had the opportunity to nominate candidates for the award. 

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