Virtual Christmas Congress about sports nutrition and physical preparation

The Spanish Badminton Federation launches its first “Virtual Christmas Congress” aimed at highlighting the specificities in the integral development of the athlete.

This congress will have the participation of three expert speakers in the field of sports psychology:
* María Martínez, Carolina Marín’s psychologist
* Marcos Rueda, specialist in sports nutrition and physical preparation
* Lidia Romero, doctoral student and expert in women’s training, 

This training will be available to all those groups related to the world of sport: athletes, coaches, nutritionists, physical trainers, psychologists among others, and not only about the badminton modality, but for all those who want to know a little more about the key factors and their main gender diferences taking into account the anatomical, structural and physiological differences that the athletes present.

“Virtual Christmas Congress” will take place within the framework of the Gender Equity Ambassadors Project. The European Badminton Confederation (BEC) together with Spanish Badminton Federation to promote gender equity and equality in sport.

Its main objective is to strengthen and establish the role of women in the European badminton community, encourage the development of female representation in all member federations and provide new ideas, solutions and inspiration in the sports sector, specifically in the modality of badminton.

For any questions, contact Mari Carmen Casermeiro, Head of Women and Sports Projects –

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