Badminton is Back – Pan Am Circuit 2020

Athletes from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and United States took the podiums of the tournament that marks the return of Pan American badminton to the courts. Due the Covid-19 situation, some tournaments of our Pan Am Circuit were postponed or canceled. The Internacional Mexicano 2020 was the last tournament of Pan Am Circuit 2020 Circuit but marks the return of badminton to the courts with high expectations for the upcoming year.

The Internacional Mexicano 2020 was held from November 19 to 22, in Aguascalientes, Mexico, following strict healthcare procedures. The organizing committee carried out Covid-19 tests before the tournament and the use of face masks was mandatory off the courts.

Mexico’s Job Castillo reach the MS podium top after defeating olympian Howard Shu (USA) in a 3-games match. Luis Montoya (MEX) and Uriel Canjura won the bronze in this event. Job repeated the gold in Men’s Doubles with Sebastian Martinez after their victory against Jose Guevara/Brian Roque (PER) in the final. Mexican duos reached the 3/4 places: Andres Lopez/Andres Hernandez and Rodrigo Garcia/Santiago Sanchez.

On the female side, other mexican star, Sabrina Solis, won the crown in singles after defeating Ines Castillo (PER) in straight games. To complete this podium, Jessica Bautista and Miriam Rodriguez reached the bronze medals. Also, Mexico’s duo Jessica Bautista & Vanessa Villalobos reached the title in Doubles after defeating Romina Fregoso/Miriam Rodriguez (MEX). Juliana Giraldo/Maria Perez (COL) and Sofia Corredor (MEX)/Jessica Muñiz (MEX) won the bronzes in Doubles.

Local duos filled the Mixed Doubles podium. Andres Lopez and Sabrina Solis defeated Job Castillo and Vanessa Villalobos in a 3-games match, wining the gold medal. The 3/4 places were for Sebastian Cardozo/Jessica Bautista and Andres Quari/Rebeca La Torre.

The good results also accompained other countries. El Salvador star, Uriel Canjura, won the bronze in Singles. Peruvian players reached silver medals, Castillo in Women’s Singles and pair Guevara/Roque in Men’s Doubles. And Colombian Juliana Giraldo, Maria Perez and Sofia Corredor reached the podium in Women’s Doubles.

Check here full results.

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